Excessive time spent in front of a computer can be harmfull to a Little Nipper.
The Nippy Web Browser solves this problem by allowing you to define how much time they can spend on the web.

  • Little Nippers need limits.
    You can define when they have an opportunity to logon to the browser.
    This feature is for your convenience as well as their's.
  • Too much of a Good Thing
    You can click and drag blocks of time in the Session Times widget.
    Precise adjustment to times is available with the arrow keys or the mouse wheel.
  • Bigger Nippers need more Time.
    If they know when they can have a session, Nippers may order their behaviour accordingly.
    A routine is liberating for Nippers. They don't have to nag to get what they want.
Their name will only appear on the login screen if they are able to logon.
Nippers can see at a glance if they can logon.
Content Control Menu Tab
  • Each child has their own Time Limits setup.
    You can have as many sessions during each day as you like.
    If your child has a Wednesday afternoon play session at 1:30 you can make sure their session ends in time to get ready and go.

  • Check the Use Session Times checkbox to only allow access during defined sessions. Leave unchecked to allow the user to log on at any time.
    See "Session Times" image below.

Portion of the Limits Tab screen in the Browser Content Control Panel


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