The Nippy Web Browser is designed for users with no (or very little) knowledge of
computers or the internet.
One feature that simplifies what is presented to the user is the browser's ability to set navigation limits.
Just imagine how confusing it would be for an Little Nipper to loose the web page they were engaged in only to be presented with another less welcoming page.

  • Little Nippers don't Understand Webpage Links
    You can provide a stable virtual play space by disabling all the links on the webpage.
    Often there is just one suitable web page that a web site offers.
  • Some Nippers can get Lost in Cyberspace
    You can limit navigation to suitable parts of websites.
    TV character web sites usually have a main page with links to suitable activates as well as links to other unsuitable parts and web sites.
  • Bigger Nippers Need Room to Explore
    You can allow bigger nippers to explore whole or substantial parts of websites.
    Some times a website is dedicated to activities, parental information and advertising. Use "Allow Navigation in Parent Folder" to allow main page access but block unsuitable sections of the website.
A click on a link that is not allowed will result in a "Bing" sound.
This sound provides some indication to the user that the link is not active.
Content Control Menu Tab
  • Each child has their own default navigation setup.
    Changing the default navigation limits will only affect new menu items you create. The default setting is "Allow Navigation in Current Folder"

  • Each menu item has its own navigation setup.
    See "Item Navigation Limits" below.

Portion of the Manu Tab screen in the
Browser Content Control Panel


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