Is a web browser for people that can't manage a complex a computer for themselves.
If you are a parent or a carer you can relax when your nippers are using this browser.
The Nippy Web Browser is the ideal web browser for pre-school children.

DOWNLOAD Version 2.3.15 FREE
This Product is FREE. Also FREE Upgrade to Commercial release for registered users.
  • Safe and Secure Web Browsing
    All content has been preapproved by your peers (parents and carers like you).
    All items are then manually re-checked before being put on the library shelves.
  • Easy to use
    Any user that can just about control mouse can use this browser.
    Each user has their own access password. (Usually their own name)
  • Free Content for Registered Users
    MyNippy.Net has a FREE library that is available through the administration system.
    Easy one click download menu items (links) straight into the users menu.
  • No More Tears
    Session limits automatically logout the user when time is buts...and no tears.
    There is no use complaining to a computer when its time to go.
  • Completely Managed Environment
    • Navigation Limits
      Easily control the user's access to other web pages and web sites.
      Navigation limits can be managed for any menu item with a single click.
      Usually set to a portion of a website. more...
    • Time Limits
      You can restrict the user to Session, Daily and Weekly time limits.
      I use a 30 minute daily time limit for my sons. more...
    • Session Times
      Allow the user access at specific times on spacific days.
      I have this feature turned off in the setup my son's use. more...
  • Shield your computer system
    The browser hides the desktop and prevents unwanted access to your system.
    Type exit into the text box close the browser.1
    Type in admin to open the Administration window.1
  • Screen Saver
    The Nippy Web Browser can be used as a screen saver.
    Secure tag heuer replica your unattended computer form enquiring and enthusiastic hands.
    This is one of my favorite aspects of this browser.

1. exit and admin are default passwords. You can easily alter them in the administration panel.

The library is an organised collection of peer reviewed items that link to web pages.
The menu items are categorised by learning style and are grouped by user ability.
Menu items can be downloaded into the users menu with a mouse click.

Category - Puzzles and Logic
Ability Group - Six to Eight

Category - Discovering Cause and Effect
Ability Group - Three to Four

Category - Websites for Girls
Ability Group - Four to Five

Category - Education - Art
Ability Group - Four to Five

Category - Education - Art
Ability Group - Five to Six

Category - Education - Maths
Ability Group - Six to Eight

Category - Education - Reading
Ability Group - Six to Eight

Category - Hand-Eye Coordination
Ability Group - Under under two

Category - Hand-Eye Coordination
Ability Group - Four to Five

Category - Education - Reading
Ability Group - Four to Five

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